Izmaiņas IFAA noteikumos par profesionāliem un amatieriem

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Izmaiņas IFAA noteikumos par profesionāliem un amatieriem

Post  Agate on Ceturtdiena 19 Jūnijs 2008, 16:52


On 05 April 2008 the IFAA World Council has accepted a new set of rules by which Amateur and Professional status of archers is defined.

The new rules define the Professional status of an archer while protecting the status of the Amateur archer.

As from 01 January 2009 the new rules will be fully implemented, which means that the World Bowhunter Championships 2009 in Yankton, South Dakota, will be the first Pro-Am event of the IFAA under these new rules!

The following steps have been taken to make this all work:

1. As from 01 May 2008 the IFAA will level the playing field. All archers who are paid up members of Full or Associate IFAA members will be deemed to be Amateurs irrespective of their previous status.

2. The IFAA will start a formal database for the registration of Professional archers. The IFAA plans to make such a database accessible via the IFAA web site.

3. Any archer who is found by IFAA to contravene the definition of Amateur status will be considered to be a Professional archer. An Amateur archer or a tournament organiser may now lodge a report to IFAA against an archer who has contravened the definition of amateur status.

4. Only Professional archers who have registered with the IFAA as Professional archers may enter IFAA sanctioned archery tournaments as a Professional. At this stage registration with the IFAA will be free of charge. Archers who are Professional archers but are not registered with the IFAA may NOT compete in IFAA sanctioned archery events either as an amateur or as a professional.

5. All IFAA sanctioned tournaments must allow for professional competition in the Freestyle Unlimited, Freestyle Limited Compound and Freestyle Limited Recurve shooting styles for men and women in the Adult division. No other styles are recognised for the Professional archer and archers who shoot as professionals in other than those three styles in non-IFAA sanctioned events may only compete as Professionals in those styles in IFAA sanctioned events. E.g. an archer who shoots as a Professional in the Bowhunter Unlimited or similar style in a non-IFAA event may only shoot as a Professional in the Freestyle Unlimited style in an IFAA sanctioned event.

6. IFAA is encouraging Style Team competitions at IFAA sanctioned events for Amateurs as well as for Professionals in Corporate Team, see new IFAA Policy Article 16. However, it should be noted that any archer shooting for a Corporate Team is deemed under the Status rules to be a Professional, see new IFAA Policy Article 15.

7. IFAA hopes that this recognition of the realities of our sport where some archers are full time professionals but most are aspiring amateurs, who may be encouraged by support from other sources, will encourage a wider participation in our sport to the ultimate benefit of all.

We hope that these new rules will bring clarity to all.

Field archery forever!

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Re: Izmaiņas IFAA noteikumos par profesionāliem un amatieriem

Post  Viesis on Piektdiena 20 Jūnijs 2008, 00:20

Atšķirību starp Amatieriem un Profesionāļiem IFAA sistēmā var papētīt 2009./2010 redakcijas IFAA nolikumu grāmatā: Policies of the IFAA, Article 15 – Rules on the Status of Archers, 77. lpp.

Pamatatšķirības ir līdzīgas jebkuram sporta veidam un galvenokārt saistītas ar finansēšanu.

The purpose and spirit of the Rules is to maintain the distinction between Amateur archery
and Professional archery and to keep the Amateur sport as free as possible from the abuses,
which may follow from uncontrolled sponsorship and financial incentives.

It is considered necessary to safeguard Amateur archery, which is largely self-regulating with
regard to the Rules of competition, so that it may be equally enjoyed by all Amateur Archers.

bet reāli...Latvijā Profesionāļu vēl ilgi nebūs


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