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Klubs : AiM Archery
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Kullamaa Archery Festival / Kullamaa Vibufestival (12.-14.07.2019, Igaunija) Empty Kullamaa Archery Festival / Kullamaa Vibufestival (12.-14.07.2019, Igaunija)

on Trešdiena 24 Aprīlis 2019, 14:16
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Parunāju ar Āri (organizatoru), īsais kopsavilkums - loki un punktu skaitīšana pēc IFAA, distances pēc WA 3D.

The competitions is held in 3D targets. 
Competes in four age classes: cub -12 age, junior 13-17 age, adults 18-54 age and veteran 55+ age. 
Competition classes: longbow (HB, LB), recurve bow (BBR, BHR, TR), compound and recurve bows (all other compound and recurve bows with or without sight). 
For final rounds will be held only for these classes where is at least four archers. Less number of entries the points will be issued by the sum of the points scored on qualifications rounds. Archers must have at least 4 arrows. 
Distances: group 1 targets up to 40 yards, group 2 targets up to 30 yards, group 3 targets up to 20 yards and group 4 targets up to 10 yards.
Saturday – Standard round (2 arrows) 50 targets, scoring 10, 8, 5 points. 
Sunday – Hunter round (1 arrow) 50 targets, scoring 20, 16, 8 points. 
The arrow must cut the line and touch the highest point area. 
The six participants per shooting class, who scored the biggest two-day summary, will be shoot the Finals in reverse order. If match is tied on cumulative score, then the match is decided in a single arrow shoot-off. Closest arrow to kill zone center will be win. Additional classes for longbows: the beginner adults (chainiks) for men and women, shooting distance till 30 yard as cubs.

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